Aghhhh you and your mates have just booked flights for New York and you’re just full of excitement thinking about all the adventures you’re going to have this summer. And you keep thinking about those same adventures and how much they’ll cost and quickly that former feeling of excitement dissipates and is replaced with an overwhelming sense of dread. Well, don’t worry because these are our top tips for the student travelling to New York on a budget.

1) Stay away from Times Square

You are the proverbial moth and Times Square is a big juicy lightbulb beckoning you to a quick and painful financial death. Sure it’s bright, full of people and just generally fun to look at but the longer you’re there, the more likely you are to buy something. Don’t!

2) The Statute of Liberty is cool…I guess

We all just want to go there for the novelty, let’s be honest. LETS.BE.HONEST

3) Okay a little novelty isn’t too bad

Seeing big buildings and getting those tasty Instagram posts are key. We understand that but if you’re going to do it, do it smart. The Rockefeller building is not only one of the cheaper options to visit but you can still see the likes of the Statue of Liberty from it so you can still get the pictures.

4)  Beware of State Tax

Let’s say you want to buy a jumper that cost 20 dollars so you go up to the till with a fresh 20 ready to pay and it ends up costing 22 bucks. Yep, that’s America for ya. Beware of state tax!

5) Go to the Highline

Just do it. Trust us. It’s so pretty and more importantly free

6) Walk around West Village

Speaking of ‘free’ West Village is generally a great area with a lot of talented musicians and artists you can see perform for free like 90% of the time. Don’t miss out.

7) Use the subway

It’s probably the quickest and easiest way to travel around New York City. And sure it’s gross, hot and looks like you’ve stepped straight in a horror film but you probably won’t get murdered on the Subway…probably

8) Leave Manhattan

New York is a big and beautiful place, don’t limit yourself to just Manhattan. Venture out to Brooklyn, go to the Bronx Zoo, better yet head upstate to sleepy college towns like Geneseo. If you’re able we’d advise you take in as much of New York as you possibly can.

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