I was excited to go to the CHQ speed dating event as it supported two of my favourite causes, Movember Ireland and Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s not often that you get to try something as crazy as this with over 800 people either;

The event was an attempt to break The Guinness Book of World Records for the largest Speed Dating event and it certainly delivered, the view of the Liffey was absolutely beautiful, there were some good tunes and overall it was such good craic for all singletons!

So rather than sitting at home with a lonely pizza, wine, and P.S. I Love You I decided to go and try my luck, I won’t lie – I purely did it for the hell of it! I ticked that off my list and got a few good stories as well.

Would I do it again? We’ll see… I’d defo look for one that’s a bit smaller. Overall it was an experience and why not try something new!

1. It’s Not For The Faint Hearted

With only three minutes, the CHQ Speed dating event was all about getting on! So don’t expect a deep heart to heart even on Valentine’s Day, it was good craic but if your shy like me it might be a struggle no lie!

2. It’s Not An Interview 

Throw out those tired questions, it’s not an interview after all. No more “where do you work” or “what’s your favourite colour”!

Leave the boring things at the door, instead try and get to the centre of a person – you can tell almost everything about a person purely based on how early they get to the airport!

3. You Will Be Utterly Alone

First time fears were realised when everyone was shook up like a margarita. Keeping people on their toes it what Speed dating is about – no more comfort zone. So be ready to be on the far side of the room from all your friends

4. Be Ready For Some Awkward Pauses

Your idea of you’re going to click with everyone is totally fine, until you let the silence become uncomfortable and keep checking your phone as the clock runs out that is. I promise the other person is having just as much fun. 

5. Drink Anything And Everything

For the love of God don’t pregame this, it’s so not needed. You will just end up getting pissed drunk before the date and wind up completely embarrassing yourself. Not worth it guys. 😂

Instead drink anything and everything before the date to help steady the nerves, we all need a bitch of dutch courage sometimes!

6. Don’t Take It Too Seriously!

Speed dating is all about the novelty factor, it’s not really about deep abiding love or finding your soulmate. Half the fun is the sheer madness of the thing and it’s something new to try.

If you are lucky to find that special someone however power to you but until that happens just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!