1. The man who will stand by the front and talk to the driver for the entire journey 


You will assume they know each other but the ever changing way of city life will mean that this is probably not the case. As a civil servant, the driver is now obliged to talk to those who feel left out from society. The person will be an annoying obstacle to all of those trying to board and depart from the bus.

2. The woman who has brought an entire makeup studio on board


She will sit there and powder away, inducing coughing fits for all those in a two-seat radius of her. Sporadic curse words will be spurted out along the way as the bus hits speed bumps and emergency brakes for cyclists.

3. Sleepy Junkie on the Bus


Usually a docile creature until their mid-afternoon hibernation gets disrupted by a concerned bus driver. They can be found located at the back of the bus usually sprawled out across three seats.

4. Teenagers acting like dicks


They will all enter the bus at the same stop and like bacteria, will infect all corners of the bus until the quiet passengers are severely pissed off by their boisterous behaviour. They will occupy their time by shouting across the carriage to each other, “Will you ‘meet’ my friend?” or in more extreme circumstances, will have a dick measuring contest by ‘squaring up’ to each other in an attempt to establish alpha male dominance in the overpriced vehicle of public transportation. Do not make eye contact unless you are an elderly relative of those involved in the dickish behaviour.

5. Inconsiderate elderly person


This person is miffed that anyone besides themselves are on the bus. They will make no apologies in pushing you out of the way to get a seat (even if you were going to offer them the seat anyway). When it comes to their stop, they will push everyone out of the way to get by the driver’s door, regardless if you are getting off at the same stop. They will hold up the length of your journey by having casual chit-chat with the driver when getting off the bus.