The Most Important Things You’ll Learn In College

The quickest way to get your face in the paper is to take part in some form of protest

Careful Now


Living away from home isn’t as amazeballs as you expected it to be



Daytime Television is simply fantastic

Jeremy Kyle


For the right price, you’ll drink any old piss



Naps are amazing and you will wish you had appreciated them more as a child



The solution to any disagreement is that both sides come together and open a bakery


Even cooking Pizzas can be challenging

Cooking Is Not Easy


There’s a drinking game for absolutely every occasion

Drinking Game


It’s more fun dancing like a lunatic than trying to look cool, and it actually increases your chances of getting laid


No matter how many degrees and postgrads you achieve, Justin Bieber will still make more money than you ever will…

Justin Bieber Sucks



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