It comes with a heavy heart this morning that we have to announce the passing away of Toto, the puppy.

Toto came into our lives just over three weeks ago and was loved by everyone in the office. However, we knew that we were unable to give him a good home here and we decided that we would have to give him away. The competition to see him off did not fare well for Toto though.

When we realised that he was not going to be loved by the public as much as we loved him, we decided that the most humane thing would be to have him put down.

Three weeks might not seem to be a long lifespan but in doggy years he lived to be twenty-one weeks. During his short time on this planet, he went to Dicey’s with us twice and spent a great night in Coppers. Toto became the life and soul of every party we went to during our time with him. Clubbers commented frequently on how cool he was when he sat in the corner drinking from a saucer of Buckfast, his choice of poison.

Toto will be truly missed when the next bin collection comes to take his remains away.