Netflix is dangerous simply because of the binging tendencies it somehow conjures up. However, sometimes we just need to be on our own and binge a little and I have sourced the Netflix series most worthy of your time to make it that bit easier.


1. The End of the f***ing world

James is 17 and firmly believes that he is a psychopath. Alyssa is also 17, she’s the new edgy, cool and moody girl at school. The two become friends of some sort and embark on a road trip together in search of Alyssa’s real father. This series offers a really easy to watch, hilarious coming of age story. The episodes are short, very easy to get in to and light-hearted. It is essentially a binge-watchers dream while being nothing like anything else out there.


2. The Sinner

A young mother tries to find out what is causing her to have violent tendencies. Once you start watching The Sinner, you simply can’t stop. “What is going on?” is the central question throughout every episode. It’s certainly not for everyone as it’s disturbing but brilliant. The strong performances by the leads and gripping murder story line make this another top binge-worthy choice.


3. The people V O.J Simpson

The most infamous trial in America history gets its on screen dramatic interpretation and it is magnificent. The series follows former American footballer star O.J Simpson, the prime suspect in the murder of his ex-wives and her friends case. This series is dramatic, emotional, shocking and leaves the viewer wondering where the truth lies following every episode.


4. Riverdale

Riverdale is a dark teen comedy based on characters from the Archie comics. It mixes elements of conventional teen drama, such as romance, friendships, fights and small-town life with a compelling murder mystery. It’s impossible to not get wrapped up in the strangeness of the storylines and the occasional cringey-ness of it all.


5. The Crown

The Crown presents an inside view of the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the first few years of her reign. Her relationship with her family, her husband and the public are explored in detailed way. This series will appeal to anyone interested in Dramas and the fascinating world of post WWII. You will find it impossible not to get invested in Queen Elizabeth’s life as the drama unfolds.

Colleen Brady