Fashion is at all time low right, and incorrectly wearing a mask has taken it one step lower. Here’s five mask malfunctions that have caused heads to turn this year.

The Chappie

Otherwise known as the ‘chin nappie’. You’ve made it out of the house and you’ve remembered to bring your mask. Grand. Now that you’ve made it to the shops all you have to do is pop this boy around your ears and pull it down under your chin so it removes all reason for you to wear it in the first place and the boys in the shop will let you right it. What better way to start the day by making your chin look like a baby’s bum!

The Affleck

This one is perfect for those having a rough day. Nothing screams ‘I’m so done with this pandemic’ as The Affleck. To execute this iconic look simply grab the mask and lash it anywhere around your hooter. Can’t see? No problem. The clear mind you’ll get from your rollie will be all the clarity that you need.

Mermaid Man

Overwhelmed by the stench of Star Wars fan boys and want to look like Mermaid Man from Spongebob? No problem just follow this easy look dawned by Harrison Ford this week.

Eyes Wide Shut

I know what you’re thinking, ‘how do I tell people that COVID-19 is a hoax and that I’m trying to get some shut eye’? Boy do I have the solution for you. It’s the Eyes Wide Shut. Pull your mask right over your peepers and fall into a deep sleep as you tell yourself that you don’t accept reality as it’s presented, you just see it as your own fever dream that nobody else can understand.

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