Semesters are coming to an end and final projects and exams are fast approaching. You’re dreading them and procrastination is starting to set in but fear not! Here are five tips that’ll help you get stuck into writing your final essays or studying for your exams.


It might sound like the simplest thing in the world but writing down the list of tasks you and working your way through them can really put what you have to do into perspective.

Write down the most important things you have to do first. Your confidence will be restored when you start to see the workload go down.


Going through old exam papers can be a great way to predict what might come up in the exams. See what old papers your college’s library has in their collection.


Easier said than done, I know. But staying up to binge-watch The Mandalorian only to cause you to stress about your essay the next day will only make things worse. We’ve all been there.


Don’t panic. You have a lot to do but worrying about will only make it worse. Make sure you step away from the desk and get outside. A walk or light run will help take your mind off of whatever it is you’re working on and will help release endorphins which will make you feel better.

Treat Yourself

The most important tip. Setting up a reward for yourself can really help get you through all those readings if you don’t enjoy them. This can be a tea-break, a 20-minute video game match, an episode of That 70s Show, the list goes on. The point is to celebrate the little wins when they happen. Now go. You’ve got this. Good luck!



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