The latest internet scandal, crudely referred to as The Fappening on Reddit, began unfolding late last night as risky pictures of actress Jennifer Lawrence and several other celebrities in various states of undress have reportedly been leaked all over the internet.

It’s not certain how these images could have found their way online but there are several claims that someone managed to hack iCloud accounts gaining access to personal photographs of several celebrities.

With pictures of Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Brie Larson, amongst others, already out there in the ether, the source of the leak has released a list of several more celebs that they have obtained photos of, which may be released on the web over the course of the next few days, including names such as Avril Lavigne, Mary Kate Olsen, Kaley Cuoco and Rihanna.

A representative for Lawrence has confirmed the authenticity of the images, threatening legal action against anyone who posts or publishes the stolen photos online.

Another incident on the long list of the privacy of celebrities been invaded, the event has sparked controversial debate, with many claiming the celebrities should have known better than taking compromising photographs of themselves. While that may be good advice and serve as a cautionary tale, it shouldn’t overshadow the fact that they our victims of a criminal invasion of their private lives.

Meanwhile, Anna Kendrick won the internet when she posted her reply to a text message from her brother on twitter, after he let her know he was glad her name wasn’t amongst those whose pictures may be released…