What would you do with €30,000??

Maybe you’d like to spend it all on the trip of a lifetime; travelling the entire world with a friend and having the time of your life?

Or maybe you’d like it to wipe away your whole college fees, kiss debt goodbye and not have to worry about the cost of education again for the rest of your life

Thanks to Circleyou now have the chance to do whichever one of these things you’d like by entering ‘Education Or Every Nation’.

Circle is a payment app that makes sending or receiving money to your mates with just a phone number or email address.

It only takes 30 seconds to sign up and can be used anywhere in the world; perfect for  a group holiday, a night out or getting that 20 quid you lent to your mate who emigrated back.

Once you create your Circle account today, you’ll be entered into this once in a lifetime draw instantly.

The winning doesn’t stop there either; get a friend to sign up and you’ll get a mystery cash prize between 50c and €50 and another entry to the draw.

At last your mates will be useful to you; they take 30 seconds out of their day to install the app and you get a cash prize. Easy!

To enter, sign up today here. For more information, visit www.circle.ie