Here at Oxygen we’ve partnered with Knorr Soup to bring you a healthy, nutritious lunch option! Here are some of the reasons we think soup should become a staple in your cupboard…

It’s good for you!

Lots of soups are packed with veggies and vitamins – perfect for boosting the immune system and keeping you strong during the chilly winter months. Knorr soup contains vitamin A and is made with simple and natural ingredients.

It’s easy to cook

Throw a pot of soup in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you have a warm, comforting meal – it’s quick and satisfying. Pair your free bottle of Knorr soup with some soda bread and you have the perfect lunch to grab between classes.

It keeps you hydrated

Soup is mainly liquid and can help keep you hydrated throughout your busy day. In fact, some research suggests that soup can hydrate you better than water.

So pick up a bottle of Knorr Soup as part of our ongoing Goodie Bag campaign – available on campuses around Ireland this week.

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