Coachella is one event that you can’t seem to avoid hearing about. It seems to somehow make its way into every news source with a major focus being on the iconic festival’s fashion. This year the style was a mixed bag, with some classically 2016-esque Coachella looks (the Vanessa Hudgens impact is still going strong) paired with some very trendy moments and some, well. head-scratchers. Here is my take on some of the hits and misses from this year’s festival looks.

The Good, A.K.A Matchy-Matchy 

Conan Gray: A Fuchsia Vibe

Starting off strong we have Conan Gray in the colour of the moment, fuchsia. This colour was very prominent during fashion week and this custom Valentino look of Gray’s confirms that despite the laidback vibe of the festival, the catwalk still has its influence here. The silhouette is almost Grecian, draped over the shoulders. The fabric is gorgeous, light and flowing which looked unreal onstage. The different levels of sheer with the fabric add a really interesting element to this look, and the platform boots and gloves also being the perfect shade warms my matchy-matchy inclined heart. 

Megan Thee Stallion: Silver Stunner

Meg was literally sparkling in this look. The silver Dolce and Gabbana bodysuit perfectly created a futuristic look reminiscent of a 60s pulp space babe without veering into being costumey. The silhouette here is really cool, avoiding the standard bodysuit look with overlapping strips of rhinestone dripping silver. The graphic makeup really brought the vibe together with Meg’s usual bold liner and lash accentuated with a streak of silver just under the eyebrow connecting with the end of the wing. Paired with long beautiful curls that looked absolutely gorgeous onstage this look is ultimate Hot Girl Behaviour.

The Bad, A.K.A It’s not the vibe stOP

Bella Thorne: A white top and denim shorts

Bella Thorne was photographed looking pretty in a white bralette top and denim shorts, but that’s pretty much it. The makeup and hair were also simple, with a small smoky eye and half up half down hair-do. There’s nothing wrong with this look per se because it is literally just a white top, shorts and white shoes. As for the crossbody bag, while I appreciate and respect the sensible vibe, the designer label against the plain outfit is kinda disrupting the cool girl laidback look being gone for here. While this laidback vibe is associated with Coachella there is a way to create a stylish outfit while staying comfy, cool, and simplistic if you’re so inclined, but this look just misses the mark for me.

Jack Harlow: Sir, This is a Festival…

I thought that Lil Nas X had yassified this man when I saw the leather look he wore at their 2021 VMAs performance, but if you told me this was your average football fanboy I’d be inclined to believe you. I feel like if I saw this man it would not be at one of the biggest festivals in the world, instead, this lad should surely be found in the smoking area of (insert any student bar name here). Again, a laidback vibe is all cool with me but there’s a fine line between a laidback look and a “I am simply too cool to care but I care enough that this basic outfit is all designer” look. I have seen this man do so much better and so this look just wasn’t up to scratch for me.

Honourable Mention: Paul Mescal in his GAA shorts

I want to see this look at the Met Gala and I am not even slightly joking.