President Trump announced that his campaign for Presidency was all one big practical joke that’s part of a new prank show during his inaugural speech in Washington on Friday.

Trump made the announcement in front of a live audience at the National Mall in Washington DC explaining that the campaign was part of his new reality TV prank show entitled “You just got Trump’d!”

Haha! We got you guys!” the President explained as First Lady Melania giggled in the background.

Trump went on to address the numerous controversies that littered his campaign stating. “Did you really think someone running for president would encourage grabbing women by the pussy? Or openly make fun of a disabled reporter? What about the fake tan? Come on guys!”

President Obama was also vocal after the speech stating that he was too in on the prank and that the back and forth criticism of each other was his idea. Obama then went on to say he has always gotten along with the newly elected president, even explaining he lets Trump call him his “Brobama”.

When Trump was further asked about who was in on the joke he remarked that his family knew and were extremely helpful in making it a success. He also expressed his thanks to Vice president Mike Pence who is actually a producer of the show. “How could Mike not be some cruel fictional invention, I mean nobody could actually believe the things he says he does, if they did they should be heavily medicated and kept in a padded room for their own safety.”

Donald Trump in Trump'd

The working title card for his new show, which will be beamed daily for the next four years.

Trump also said that the joke went right up to minutes before his speech saying “That guy who swore Mike in was actually James Earl Jones, the guy who voices Darth Vader!”

When asked about her knowledge of the prank Hilary Clinton said that she had received an e-mail about it before the campaign but failed to read it explaining she “must have deleted it somewhere along the line.”

Trump cited prank shows like “Impractical Jokers”, “Punk’d” and even Ireland’s “Naked Camera” as inspirations for his new show.

President Trump has said he plans on serving the 4 years as president even if it was a joke that went further than he expected explaining that “the people want what they want”. He also plans on proceeding with launching the full show and introducing new broadcasting legislation that will require all major networks to air “You just got Trump’d!” and that he hopes to make American reality TV great again.

Ian Mangan