Residents of Little Rock are shook up after three further reports emerged of what witnesses claim were genuine human sightings in and around the town’s vicinity over the past week.

Police commissioner Bonzo McBride spoke at a town assembly in the local community centre on Tuesday, advising residents on the actions to take in the event of future human sightings.

Should another such sighting take place, I encourage everyone to go back to their homes immediately, alert their neighbours and call the authorities,” he said.


Police Commissioner, Bonzo McBride, giving press conference.

We have strong reason to believe we’re dealing with a case of teenager pranksters, but that is all the information we can provide at this point in time. However, until we come to any more findings, I would strongly advise anyone against jumping to conclusions and suspecting a case of a real human outbreak.”

The witnesses filed their reports to the police on Monday, and all three said they’ve seen the alleged humans under similar circumstances.

Cookie said she was driving to collect her children from school and spotted a strange figure by the side of the road at the underpass.

What first caught my eye is the bland colouring of their clothing. There were no fluorescent wigs and they didn’t have a string of balloons tied to their wrist – I thought it was some sort of joke,” she said.

Then I looked closer and realised they had no facepaint, and that’s when I really got the shivers.”

She said the incident ‘left an imprint’ on her and she now has trouble sleeping and a constant fear of her children being abducted.

A photograph of a reported human sighting in an underpass.

I wake up in the middle of the night and rush into my kids’ room to make sure they’re alright. I keep seeing this weird figure every time I go to bed, with its’ small feet and strangely shaped nose. I don’t think I can ever get over it. What on earth has the world come to?”

The police issued a statement on their website urging young people to refrain from engaging in this ‘dangerous trend’ as they would be liable to face ‘serious consequences’ if caught.

Dressing up as a normal human being is very dangerous and will not be accepted in the eyes of a decent society. If you engage in this activity, you will be faced with serious consequences.”

Arthur Velkar