The red carpet for Cannes 2021 has been rolled out and it has brought an array of stylish celebrities with it. One of these celebrities was Timothée Chalamet.

The 25-year-old arrived at Cannes for the premiere of the latest Wes Anderson film, The French Dispatch. When he stepped on to the red carpet he was spotted wear a gold/silver metallic suit designed by fashion giant, Tom Ford.

Credit – @GOINGELECTRIC on Twitter

We sent one of our young lad reporters down to the premiere of The French Dispatch to try catch an interview with the big man, Chalamet himself… the reporter didn’t succeed in getting the interview but he did manage to get a glimpse of him.

Our Oxygen reporter spotted that Chalamet leaving the premiere amidst a swarm of not so COVID conscious reporters. He did manage to see something interesting however. Chalamet appeared to be waddling out of the theatre and scratching his arse. He said that he could the see the outline of what looked like… a chastity belt. Yeah. One of those yokes medival folk used to prevent your lad getting out. Or in this scenario we reckon it’s to prevent the ladies from getting into Timothée’s jocks!

Our guess is that Chalamet wears the latter. And why wouldn’t he? Chalamet has all the young ones after him! He’d certainly have to keep a padlock on his jocks to keep them out.

Ok, none of this may have actually happened. It’s the work of our mastermind at Oxygen’s satire magazine, The Spanner. Thanks for reading and be sure to stayed for more laughs like this.