The Wimbledon Men’s final took place last Sunday on the 11th of July. The two players that competed were Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini.

The final was nothing short of fantastic with rallies that went on for bleedin’ ages and grunts from the players that would make PornHub blush.

Berrettini was a fierce opponent. He delivered ferocious serves, dazzling footwork and a forehand that just won’t quit!

Djokovic, the lad himself. He struggled with Berrettini’s skills during the first set, but he managed to figure him out. Djokovic flushed him out in the next three sets. This secured his victory, granting him his 6th Wimbledon win and his 20th Grand Slam title.

How does he keep winning??? We went sent one of our lads from’s, The Spanner magazine down to the press conference to ask him. Here’s the account of what happened:

“I asked Djokovic’s what’s his secret to winning so many Grand Slams. He simply answered, ‘oh you know, same as every great winner. 8 hours of training a day, a good diet, sleep, effective training from a great coach, and a butt load of money’.

The audience laughed at the Champ’s answer as he walked off the panel. Something seemed strange about the way he walked off, though. He seemed to prance and champ rather than walked.

I followed him down the hall and tried to go into his dressing room. But sure wasn’t I stopped by a couple of rough-looking bald lads in suits. I decided I’d slink and slide through one of the air ducts.

I couldn’t believe my eyes while I was in the air ducts. Djokovic was pure praying to a picture of a few deer inside his locker room! It looked like he was paying patronage to a shrine of Bambi’s parents. They must’ve been his parents I thought.

Yes! That has to be his secret! Djokovic was raised by deer. How else could he do all those mad slides? Are you telling me these pictures below aren’t the pictures of a man who was raised by deer? CASE CLOSED.

Ok, none of this may have actually happened. It’s the work of our in-house Gas Cuntist at’s satire magazine, The Spanner. Thanks for reading and be sure follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more laughs like this.