You Can Change That Stupid Thumbs Up In Facebook Chat

You know that stupid thumbs up that shows up on the right of your Facebook chats? The one you only ever use if you’re trying to shut down your conversation, or if you hit it by accident?

For a thumbs up symbol, it has been pretty unpopular since the feature launched, mainly because it’s so pointless and annoying. Well, it turns out you can not only get rid of it, but you can turn it into something that’s actually useful!

How To

First, open up a conversation with someone in Facebook chat on your phone, preferably someone you speak to frequently. In the top right, you’ll see a little “i” in a circle, the information symbol. Tap that.

facebook chat

This will open up not only a menu, but a whole new world of possibilities. To rid yourself of that Godawful thumbs up forever, simply click the option that says “emoji”. This will bring up a menu with a lot of the emojis on it. Simply select your favourite one, and viola! It has replaced the thumbs up symbol for that conversation! Now not only will you stop sending that stupid fucking thing by mistake, but you also save loads of time summoning your emoji patronus.

facebook chat emojis
On the first menu, you can also find an option to change the colour of the chat bubbles for that conversation, as well as to give everyone in the conversation nicknames. Finally, scroll down on that page and you will be able to conveniently see all all the images and videos that have been shared in that conversation, which makes finding that thing they sent you ages ago that was really funny but you forget exactly what or when it was much easier.

chat media

If you are in a group chat, you can change the group name and even the group photo on this menu as well.

And there you have it! You can totally personalise your Facebook chat and make the thing you use everyday even though you find it really annoying far less annoying.


Or maybe not.

Simon Griffin