Anna Walsh gives us a rundown of her pet-peeves. That’s things she wants to strangle to a grizzly death.

Dublin Bus service.

Not the drivers. The service itself, the entire way it works. The two buses sitting closed at the stop , and the one driver who has to answer to everyone as to why his colleague has apparently fucked off for a few hours. The three 46a’s not in service when you have to submit an essay. The ulcers you have to go on medication for after seething with rage four or five days a week.

The weirdness after you score a co-worker.

The awkward who’s-gonna-go-first nature of the next hook-up. Avoiding the inevitable conversation by quitting.

Towie stars book deals.

SORRY. ‘Livin’ it Arg’ should NOT be a thing. Neither should Joey Essex, actually. Or Essex itself.

Your parent’s disappointment that you live alone and can’t put bedsheets on properly.

The rage and confusion of trying to put on bedsheets in a bid to prove you can.

Going off the pill after a break-up and losing your boobs right when you need them most.

Metabolism is the biggest whore of them all.


Chivalry is dead. Long live LADHumour

Really forced references to social media in shows like Criminal Minds.

I’d kill that and get away with it. It’s a well informed show, Criminal Minds.