Paul Murphy has moved to quash the widely held belief that he is a ‘master criminal’ by telling the public “I’m not some criminal mastermind”.

The master criminal went onto George Hook’s Newstalk show to defend himself after being escorted from his Dublin home in the early hours of yesterday morning by the Gardai. The charge was in relation to the the imprisonment of Tanaiste Joan Burton in car during what Murphy referred to as a ‘peaceful protest’.

Murphy has been at the epicenter of a slew of controversies since his induction into the Dail, with a lot of the palaver to do with conduct unbefitting of a minister. This latest story is set to run and run with Murphy claiming the arrest was part of a political maneouvre to halt the anti-water charges movement.

“It’s an indictment of the direction this country is headed if you can’t lock the Tanaiste into a car and rock it without having the Filth called” Murphy said.

Murphy is now set to protest with even more vigor against the water charges, with plans at attempting to crucify Enda Kenny now well underway.

Mr. Murphy said he does not enjoy the description of his character as a ‘master criminal’ despite coining the label himself.

“Neither am I an anti-establishment Che Guevera-like maverick, I want these tags quashed immediately, but I can’t help what other people say. Maybe they’re right, I don’t know.” he grinned.