By Caitríona Ní Chonaill

Like the rest of the Henry Cavill fans, I am currently making my way through the newly released Series 3 of The Witcher series on Netflix, before we lose our favoured (and original) version of Geralt, with Liam Hemsworth taking over the role in Season 4. Season 3 also has a second part, coming out on the 27th of July. If you are yet to watch the newly released portion, here is what you can expect:

The chemistry between Geralt and Yennefer is still as sizzling as ever, peppered with their trademark long looks and touching moments. The surrogate father-daughter bond is also still a main feature between Ciri and Geralt.

In Episode 1, Shaerrawedd Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri journey to the far reaches of the Continent in search of safety, with King Vizimir putting his charming younger brother to use.

Episode 2, Unbound, sees Ciri causing problems due to her moral compass, Geralt is in for a nasty surprise after he gains information on Rience (hired to hunt Ciri), and Jasper, the comic relief of the series, is asked to perform for a royal audience.

Ciri and Yennefer clash in Episode 3, Reunion, over what should happen in the future. Geralt, however, seeks advice from a family friend and there is a plan to get Vizimir in line. The Invitation, Episode 4, shows Yennefer concocting a plan and presenting it to the Brotherhood, Geralt making a dangerous deal with a ferryman, and Triss delves into the case of missing novices.

The final episode (of what has been released up to now) shows Geralt and Yennefer at a stately ball, arm in arm and ready to kill, but all is not as it seems…