By Caitríona Ní Chonaill

With a new Dublin date added for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, it’s all over Instagram, it’s all anyone can talk about on Twitter – did you get the all-important email to be able to get Taylor Swift tickets today? If not, then don’t despair (or not yet anyway!)

With Midnight preorder presale happening on the 14th of June and general registration sales happening on the 20th, those lucky few who received a code will be able to buy their tickets at staggered times on the day of release. The codes released are a one-use-only affair, so if you’re buying your tickets, you’d better buy them all in one go! For those of us unfortunately still stuck on the waitlist however, here’s how to keep your spirits up and be…ready for it:

  • Don’t give up hope:

With a staggered ticket sale, there are going to be several stages of ticket sales and more will become available as people who got put on the list don’t buy up the available supply. Keep an eye on your email, and make sure it’s the same one connected with your Ticketmaster account, as you will need to be able to access the ticket sales through the code sent to your email. If you’re chosen for a new batch of tickets, you will receive an email and 2 SMS messages to inform you that you have been given a code to be able to access ticket sales. The email informing you that you are on the waitlist does however state “Access does not guarantee tickets. Ticket availability is limited. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis while currently available inventory lasts. If you’re sent a link, you should join the sale as soon as possible for your best chance to get tickets.”

  • Keep an eye out for resale:

Given the one-use of the codes sent out, it may not be easy to buy someone else’s tickets from them individually, but there will be more tickets available through re-sale on Ticketmaster as time goes on. Check up on the page frequently and snap up any tickets you see.

  • Ask around:

If any of your fellow Swiftie friends have been given a code, ask them if they could add a ticket for you onto their code and then pay them back.

Best of luck fellow swifties, I’ll be manifesting tickets along with ye!