Last night was the 70th annual Met Gala, which meant that it would be a night of high fashion were we would see our favourite celebrities strutting their stuff and posing their botoxed butts off for us to drool over. This is the night these high class celebs make us double tap all night on ‘Instagram’ and wish we too could struggle up that red carpet in that ridiculously oversized gown.

However this year I feel that we were left severely disappointed, and have been royally let down, as this year’s theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Which basically resulted in the stars parading about in the most expensive Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen, dressed as the pope and the rest of the catholic clergy.

How is that even a fashion based theme? What college student scrolling through Instagram is going to see Rihanna dolled up as the pope and go ‘oh wow werk it girl, wish I could dress like a high class slutty pope too’…… no they won’t Riri put some clothes on.

Now this theme was supposed to highlight how artwork from the Catholic Church has influenced fashion throughout history but in all honesty it just looked like an overly expensive costume party where they all looked the fool are would be no prizes for best dressed.

I mean just look at Katy Perry, what on earth is she supposed to be, your guardian angel? I hope not because I don’t see her going anywhere fast with those things on her back. Imagine how much she is going to shed. I would hate to be the cleaners after the event after seeing her strut down the carpet.


Now Rihanna is a pretty girl and many males drool over her usually barely clothed body, but this is not her finest look at all, I’m sure this look costs thousands, but to be honest she’s the tackiest looking pope I’ve ever seen. There would be no white smoke rising from the Vatican if she was in the running for pope. Bishop Brennan could be looking to sue after his look was completely ripped off by Rihanna last night. This is probably the most ridiculous outfit of the night, and that’s saying something seeing as Katy Perry was wearing wings!


After appearing like this at the Met, Cardi B was most likely abducted by aliens and sent back down to earth after multiple experiments with shite dresses. The ‘Monica in the Bahamas’ styled hairdo isn’t even enough to distract from this one.


Why did Jayden Smith feel the need to bring his record with him as that is probably the only way people would know he is after releasing new terrible music. Maybe it was just to remind everyone why he was famous despite the fact  he’s Will Smiths son. He looks like that odd cousin you avoid at family events in this picture.


Not everyone was a flop. While the majority of celebrities floated about in their Catholic costumes, there was one shining star the forever stunning Blake Lively, who was killing it as always…….’spotted at the Met Gala, Serena back at it again winning in the style stakes. Watch out B she’s already wearing your crown… xoxo Gossip Girl.’

Rachel Healy