By Millie Reid

FOMO, or, fear of missing out, seems to come hand-in-hand with the uneasiness that can arise
from the holidays, specifically summer fun in general. FOMO is now bigger than ever because
you can’t escape viewing other people’s plans on social media. Whether it is BeReal, Instagram
or TikTok the weeks you are in Ireland it seems like the entire nation is interrailing or the day
you are scheduled a double shift it feels like the world is at the beach or a beer garden. Well, I
have news, you are not alone in this feeling.

FOMO is defined as, “Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening
elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.” There seems to be SO much pressure
around summer plans. The most common question asked before the break was “so what are
your plans for summer.” This instills the idea in our head that we should have very extravagant
plans. The constant “insta dumps” don’t help this FOMO either!
Everything is not what it seems online. Images you see online are always the best version of a
situation. At the very least, a filter will be slapped on. Someone may post a photo of themselves
looking like they’re having the time of their life, but they might be having a terrible time or
getting FOMO from other people. Social media is more about projecting the way somebody
wants to be viewed than projecting the sometimes-harsh reality of things. Feeds are perfectly
curated to only highlight the best. Remember people are not going to document their lazy days
or their part-time jobs, the camera only comes out for the good stuff.

Here are some ways I aid my summer FOMO:

Use less social media

If you are being hit with a flood of images of people having fun, it is going to be too easy to
compare yourself to others. If you do not think you have got the self-control to keep yourself
from scrolling, do not hesitate to take a break from them!

Keep Yourself Busy

Something people struggle with during summer is the amount of free time that comes with it. A
lot of time to let the overthinking take over, remind yourself that being alone doesn’t have to
mean being lonely. Do simple things to keep busy and take advantage of your free time. Read a
book you did not have time to read during the academic year or get back into exercise. It does
not have to be extravagant it could be as simple as reorganizing your wardrobe because you
now have the time to do so!

Appreciate what you have

Rather than focus on what you might be missing out on, focus on what you do have. Keep your
head where your feet are and stay in the present moment. I know This is way easier said than
done and It can be hard to switch off from FOMO but once you’ve mastered this “skill” you will
live a happier life.

Try out some of these tips and remember that you’re not the only one feeling the FOMO this
summer. We’re all so prone to comparing our lives to others