Are you in the mood for aul lads with their bits hangin out. Well I might just have the thing for you. Maybe you’re the type that likes the how the fresh air feels on their skin, or maybe you’re just a big perv and like looking at attractive people in the nip you absolute degenerate . Either way, there’s plenty to choose from on our little island.

Ireland is not a country famed for weather where people can bare all without severe repercussions. However, if it reaches ‘lads with their tops off weather’ here are the places you can safely go naked without angry locals screaming ‘think of the children at you’.

Hawk Cliff, Dalkey

The site where a young man tragically lost his sight after making the mistake of looking directly at the private area of an elderly man, a nearly fatal error. However, you’re grand as long as you wear sunglasses. Wait for the warmest day of the year, head to down to dalkey, strip off and jump in kamikaze style……than realise it’s still to cold and go to Queens for pints.

Forty Foot in Dun Laoghaire

It’s not so much a beach as a pier but it’s a classic nudist swimming spot. Old men jumped off this pier before it was mainstream. If you avoid the jagged rocks and choppy waters this can actually be nice place to refresh.


It’s secluded and quiet making it an ideal spot for a romantic day out for those couples out there. If you ignore the man with a binoculars in the nearby cottage it can be a very relaxing place to get away and let loose.

Inch Beach,Kerry

If you’re making a visit down south then Inch Beach might be a good place to go. The nudist part is blocked by sand dunes so you don’t need to worry about horrifying a poor American family.

Old Head, Mayo

A beautifiul sandy beach on Ireland’s wonderful west coast, it’s also a good place to take that swimsuit off and enjoy the sea breeze. Maybe go at night to avoid too many families and the pervs staring from their cars.

Yellow Strand, Sligo

If for some reason unbeknownst to anyone you decide to make a trip to Sligo (just havin a laugh sligo peeps, calm down [if there even are any of you]) make sure to stop by Yellow Strand. Costa Del Sligo is popular with Spaniards who flock there on stags and stay in hotels occupied solely by other Spaniards

Dogs Bay, Galway,

Last but not least we have Dog’s Bay in Galway. This place is a bit reclusive and a bit murdery judging by the INA’s advice to bathers ‘go three miles past Roundstone until they came across a signpost for Dog’s Bay.’

So there you are ya big weirdos. Summers on the way and its’ time to hit Irelands beaches because you maxed your budget for a trip abroad out on jagermeisters.