The Boring One

You stay by the pool and slouch around doing things you could easily do at home. You only venture out for food. You’re idea of fun is getting a lemon in your 7up. You probably even bring your laptop with you and study for exams you boring bastard.

The Hungover one

You’re like some sort of owl or an alcoholic bat or something. You come out at night woken by the promise of more alcohol. You then drink yourself into oblivion and end up chatting up a lampost. It’s a vicious cycle and it results in you hanging out with the boring one at the pool talking about the best type of carpets.

The Adventurer

You want to see everything and anything. There’s a rock in a weird shape? You’re there. A bench named after Hitler’s pet rabbit? What bus do I take? Someone from Love Island used this bathroom? Yep, you’ll take a six hour journey to get there. You’ve an inherent taste for adventure which doesn’t rub off on your mates and you end up going to places on your lonesome. Cudos for you though for making the most of it unlike that miserable bastard at the top of this list.

The Late One

You miss the flight the holiday of a lifetime.

The Clumsy One

You either lose something very important or you manage to injure yourself in some way as to make the rest of the holiday pretty unenjoyable. You join the boring one and the hungover one by the pool.

The Homesick one

Half way through the holiday you break down in the middle of the late night bar and say how you want to go home to see your pet hamster snuggles. For the rest of the holiday you spend your time either crying into a friends shoulder reminiscing about the time your dad bought you a tamagotchi or moping around complaining about the lack of spice bags .

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