1. The Control Freak

Ah the control freak. There’s always one of them. They’re in charge and they let you know it within the first five minutes of your first group meeting. Lets hope you’re not unlucky enough to have two in one group, because then you’re likely to have some Game of Thrones level power play and violence in a bid for top spot.

2. The Creative One

Woah, we got that kid who can DRAW on our team?! That’s awesome! Having a creative mind on the team is always a plus. Though…they can sometimes be prone to getting carried away…

3. The Smart One

Sure, it might SEEM like the control freak is leading the charge, and it might APPEAR that the over promiser is doing a huge amount of work, at first. But the real hero is the nerd, who meekly takes on 80% of the total workload and gets little to no credit.

4. The Couldn’t Care Less

This person is the DEFINITION of aloof. They arrive to every meeting late, they seem to forget what the project is every time and just somehow get away with doing less than the bare minimum necessary.

5. The Miracle

You haven’t seen them in weeks. They attended the very first group meeting and nothing else. You aren’t even sure what their name is. You kinda wrote them off as a no show at this point. But Jaysus, on the day of the presentation, they arrive having done every part they were given AND MORE.

6. The Over-Promiser

This person volunteers themselves for a lot. In fact, you could say they volunteer themselves for so much it’s… suspicious. At first you’re super stoked to have somebody who is so eager right off the bat but as the days pass and little-to-nothing is delivered, you begin to begrudgingly take the work on yourself.

7. The No-Show

Apparently it IS possible to care less. Who knew? That, or this person literally died.

By Aoife Crilly