The time has come for Junior and Leaving Cert students across the country as the state exams kick off today. It’s the day every student has been dreading. The day that all those long hours of procrastination finally count. I still remember walking up to the school for the dreaded English paper 1. Ugh. I really don’t envy anyone having to sit through that today. Here’s some of the throwbacks that pretty much every leaving cert student experienced

That One person that asks for more paper

We’re barely half way through the exam and some show off puts up their hand (making sure that everyone can see) to ask for more paper. Meanwhile, you’re still on the first sheet pondering how best to answer the question about ox bow lakes.

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You think you’re done and then……

Where that that page come from? You were just getting ready to leave after you aced an exam and than you realise you completely forgot about the last page. S**T!!!

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The dreaded Irish listening Comprehension

Leigh anois go curamach etc………. rang around the hall echoing off the high walls. Even if this chap was speaking English we wouldn’t have a clue what hes trying to say.

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The loud person

If they’re not shifting around in their chair they’re clicking their pen continuously. Maybe it’s messing with a plastic bottle while you’re racking your brain trying to remember how to do a simultaneous equation.

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So How did it go?

”Grand” you lie

‘What do you think you got?’

‘I don’t know Mam’

This continues for every single exam. Every meal is a conversation about how the last exam went and what’s next.

‘Are you sure you’re studying enough?’.

‘Don’t be late tomorrow now’.

‘Get too bed early, alright?’

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The End

It’s over. You’ve somehow survived. No more last minute cramming. No more annoying questions. You’re done. I remember walking out of that French exam feeling like I survived an epic battle. You can’t get out of that exam all quick enough.

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