The news of another imminent teachers strike filtered through yesterday, with 27,000 secondary level teachers now set to doss off next week in protest of the new Junior Cycle set to be put in place by the Department of Education.

The strike is sure to attract the attention of our generations younglings as they search for the ideal career.

The reform impasse is set to plunge students’ preparation for state exams into disarray, with many predicted to struggle filling their days without homework.

The life of a teacher has proved to be an erratic but tremendously convenient one, as they continue to blow their top at every available opportunity.

“It’s too much work. We’re not students for fucks sake” said your average teacher.

“Pub” said another.

The strike will once again have it’s most damaging cost counted by the students more than anyone, however, this is something the Teachers Union insist they are acutely aware of.

“We’re teaching them the most important lesson we possibly could by taking a stand. Being a teach is fairly kushti.”