James Bond is set to drive a Fiat in his next outing. Bond’s beloved Aston Martin got blown to pieces at the end of Skyfall (no ahem, spoilers), so the new film will begin with Daniel Craig being swindled to within an inch of his life by a dodgy car salesman and end up speeding away from someone on a pedal bike.

The scenes with the Italian manufactured vehicle will fittingly be shot in Rome, we can’t think of a more blood-pumping sight than a Punto meandering through the Vatican streets on a breezy afternoon.

Bond-philes need not worry that this is the first step towards 007 becoming vegan or swapping martini’s for mineral water, however. The Fiat will be getting written off in style almost as soon as it appears, getting flipped and blown to pieces by a stray wind. James Bond will presumably stand by the universal policy of “never being caught dead inside a Fiat” for the purposes of plot.

The unnamed film is due to come out late in 2015.