Like the infamous scene from one of my all time favourite films ‘Hot fuzz’ a swan has been arrested. Samuel the Swan (not official name but I just like it) was arrested on the side of a road in Tamnamore in Co. Tyrone. Apparently Sam was meeting a duck to sell some hard core narcotics. It looks like those English shrimp aren’t the only drug addicts in the animal kingdom.

I will always maintain that the scene of Nick Angel and Danny Butterman chasing down a rogue swan is one of the greatest in film history. In case you don’t remember here it is-

I envy anyone lucky enough to see this work of art recreated in real life. The poor swan was quite hilariously wrapped up in a PSNI jacket and put in the back of a van. No Really, look at this!

Credit- PSNI Dungannon Facebook

I suppose ‘Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time’. Bad luck Sammy. Let’s hope he’s gonna come out in 15 years a changed swan and goes on to change the world. They could make a film about him with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost…….

Credit- The Belfast Telegraph