1. It’s true… you DON’T come to Ireland for the weather… unless your idea of perfect weather is braving all four seasons in one day. So be prepared for multiple outfit changes between morning and night, and ALWAYS dress in layers!

2. If you ask where “the washroom” is, you’ll most likely get blank stares. Opt for “the loo” or “the toilet” instead if you want a real answer.

3. Look both ways before crossing the street. Then look again. Probably safe to look once more, just in case. As if Irish drivers weren’t scary enough on their own, don’t forget that they drive on the LEFT side of the road here. Forget jaywalking- crossing normally is hard enough.

4. Chips are fries and crisps are chips. Enough said.

5. Everything you thought you knew about linguistics and spelling? Forget it. Technically, Irish is a real language, but you wouldn’t have guessed from trying to read it. And no, “sounding it out” doesn’t help.

6. They don’t like Trump either.

7. Tesco meal deals? Great in a pinch when you’re living on a budget.

8. The best comeback to “Oh I thought you were American!” is “Hey has anyone ever told you how British your accent sounds?”

9. You can drive from one side of the country to the other in four hours. Four hour drive in Canada and you’re almost at the nearest Tim Hortons.

10. People outside Canada really do genuinely think Toronto is the capital of the country. As an Ottawa native, this hurts my patriotic heart.