A pro Tinder swiper has shared his secrets to success with oxygen.ie, and we can’t wait to tell you about it!

Commerce student Brian Mahony hit a record number of matches this week, and has kindly offered to share his advice with the nation. 

“Basically, I’m very, like, basic. I have quite a basic look, and I always tell girls exactly what they want to hear, basically”

Who would have thought it was that simple? Or maybe there is more to it …




Mahony told us: “It’s not just about the gym selfies of a six pack that I don’t even have. I also put a lot of time into looking like I’m interested in things that are trending right now. Starbucks, or sushi works well”

“I also always tell the LADS to make sure to look like they do interesting things. Like, a picture of you with a tiger who has been tranquilized for your entertainment could work … or you could pretend to be a pilot – it’s okay to lie. I lied about being a life guard so much that I almost believe I am one!”

“When I describe myself as a person, I throw in a lot of vague shit. Like, I say I’m quite spiritual, or that I enjoy nature. It makes me look like I’m deep, and nobody can really question me on it, you know?!”

“Another good point is to use humour. Girls love a funny guy. Just google some joke, or say something personal and cute … like I love my dog/gran, I hate vegetables!”

Our conclusion: Brian respects his Granny and thinks his dog is spiritual and he probably teaches tennis to children on Sunday mornings. SWIPE RIGHT!