There is something universally exciting about summer. Whether you’re 12 years old and its a couple of months before you start secondary school, you’re a young student about to spend the next 3 months working in America or you’re mentally preparing to spend the next season in an office writing about other people having fun; we don’t quite know what makes it so exciting, it just is. And with the summer season just around the corner, we decided to ask our readers to tell us their most outrageous summer stories, enjoy!

Hey. So last June, I went to my friend’s flat just for a bottle of wine or two. We ended up getting extremely drunk and talking in depth about our depression/anxiety and deciding that we were just gonna get a flight the next day anywhere to get away from everything. So we frantically booked flights and a hostel in Berlin. We crammed all our stuff together and got one hour of sleep and got the flight at 7am the next day. We woke up when we landed feeling a bit dazed and got off the plane and were like “Okay we need to find this hostel and sleep and then see what we’re gonna do.” so we got on this TERRIFYING train to the outskirts of Berlin and just followed Google Maps to our hostel where we were told we couldn’t check in until 3 and it was only half 12. So then the panic had begun to set in with both of us of “Why have we done this? We’re in a foreign country with no plans and did it for all the wrong reasons and we both have bad anxiety.” so we went to this cafe near the hostel and literally got a coffee each and just cried into them saying we wanted our mum’s. This was the Sunday and we were supposed to be going home on the Tuesday but we’d already changed the flight to the next morning cause we were in such a bad state. Then the cafe basically asked us to leave so we went to this glorified chip shop and we were starting to feel a bit better, more positive and like “We can have one night in Berlin, it’ll be fun!” then we checked in to the hostel… It was literally corridor after corridor of what looked like cells and not nice ones. They have triple bunks and rusty old lockers that could barely fit a handbag in. Cue another crying episode where I rang my dad and my friend sorted us a hotel right beside the airport for easy access the next day. We stole a plug adapter cause we were in a massive panic about not having our phones charged and paid €30 for a taxi to the airport hotel, slept, ate and then returned home to Glasgow 24 hours after we had landed in Berlin. Suffice to say, we both went to the doctors about our mental health afterwards.

Jessica – 24

Last time I went to Rome, I got absolutely catatonic, vommed in my hair, lost my brother and somehow remembered the name of the hotel I was in, which the lovely Italian bartender was kind enough to bring me back in his taxi and his way home from work.

Julie – 21

Well when in Rome as they say…

Went Berlin in October with my lad friend. Went out 2 nights straight and tried to pattern tings for ourselves for the third night. Mine ended up falling through but his was still on. I decided to hang with them at a shisha bar(just to chill innit). Shawty was kinda bad tho so I wanted to see where it’d go. We ended up going to a wine bar after that and then another bar. It was about 2 am. I told her we had drinks at our place. We headed back to the room, had some drinks while playing cards. After we were done playing cards I wore her jacket. I was sitting on the bed. She was also on the bed beside me and that’s when my friend started making out with her…

Devin – 22

We had to cut this story short because it was getting a little fifty shades of grey, but I’m sure you can guess what happened next. If you’re interested in having your story featured, just drop us an anonymous email at

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