It kind of sounds like something out of a James Bond movie, except unfortunately Daniel Craig, or maybe Cillian Murphy if recent reports are to be believed isn’t going to parachute through and rescue the world from impending doom. I’d imagine they were eating human flesh and drinking goblets of snake blood, either that or Maccy Ds.

One wanders what the two amigos were planning over their little banquet but all I can say is that it would make a really entertaining episode of First Dates. Kim can give some sob story about his Daddy issues growing up and how he was self conscious about his weight/hair. I’d imagine Vladimir would just talk about riding horses topless and fighting lions bare handed.

I’d say DT is proper jealous about being left out so watch out for his next twitter post . Mike Pence will definitely reply with something along the lines of ‘dont mind them hun, nothin but snakes’. Speaking of Donald, his big plan for a wall across America has taken a huuuuuuggggeeee blow after the Mexicans found a ladder. So bad luck Donald.



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