A student trapped in a tent bag took to Twitter to get help, and his message has now been retweeted thousands of times.

Scott Johnston was attending T in the Park, a music festival held in Strathallan Castle, Scotland, when he found himself in a bit of a bind. At around 10am, he tweeted to the official profile of the event, stating that he was trapped in a tent in green 7, and that his phone was running out of battery.

He was allegedly put in the bag as a prank, but soon found that he was unable to get out by himself. After tweeting the festival’s account, he received a reply from Scotland’s Traffic Corps (for some reason), who told him that they had contacted the police, and asked for further information.

Next thing you know, he gets a reply from Scottish Police, who say that they have people in the area looking for him. 

But before they can find him, Scott sent out another tweet that said his friends had freed him from his waterproof grave. 

However, some believe that this may have all been an attention seeking ruse, and even though he is fine, it seems the police still want to talk to him.



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