The weather in Ireland can be a weird yet wonderful thing, and during summers like this one (where it is particularly wonderful), it can be quite hard to dress. We Irish aren’t used to the heat captivating our rainy green isle, so we tend to make quite a few fashion mishaps every time a heat wave comes around. Here is how to avoid it!

  1. One of the most common giveaways to you being Irish is the dreaded farmer’s tan. No matter what you do, you will get it each and every summer (girls and guys)! Try wearing a kimono or sheer blouse to avoid this. The material is light enough for the weather and it looks very summer weather
  2. Two words – Sun hat. With our fair skin it’s hard to avoid getting burnt, especially on your face. Hats are all the rage right now and you can pick one up for little or summer hat
  3. This is ridiculously obvious but SUN CREAM. We think because it’s Ireland that we don’t need it; sure there’s more cloud cover here than anywhere else! Wrong. Wear it, nobody looks good going around like a lobster. irish sunburn
  4. Unsure what to wear to work? You can’t go wrong with a sun dress. This is probably one of the easiest things to wear, and one should always have one floating around in their wardrobe. They are fool-proof, having light material but maximum coverage.summer dress
  5. Even though we have a heat wave, this is Ireland after all, and you know more than anyone that the weather could change at any moment! Bring a brolly so your fake tan doesn’t run when it does start to pour down!irish weather unpredictable
  6. Wrap a shirt around your waist. Don the Khloe Kardashian trend and wear a shirt around your waist. It comes in handy for those after-college drinks when you don’t want to be too to dress for irish summer
  7. As handy as the sun dress, the playsuit will not steer you in the wrong direction either! It will keep you cool but you’ll also look fabulous in the mean summer
  8. If you’re wearing sandals out of the house, pop a pair of runners into your bag. As mentioned in point number 5, it is Ireland after all and nobody wants wet feet walking home!irish summer rain
  9. Want to avoid your hair going into frizz mode when out in the sun? Put in a few plaits to help tame it. Model super star Gigi Hadid is a major fan of this trend.frizzy hair
  10. Make up can be a bit dodge in the summer heat (hello shiny face), opt for a tinted moisturiser instead to stop you looking like the Joker after a half hour!summer make up

Written by Olivia Hayes