Generation Y, Ireland’s number one youth marketing agency, surveyed over 1,000 students all over Ireland, focusing on their college experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The survey, carried out in October, consisted of students aged 17-24.

In relation to students returning to college this September, 86% of students believe that the Irish government were unprepared for the return of third level students whilst 65% said that the educational quality of lectures has decreased.

Due to the pandemic, 71% of students are now living at home with 70% unable to avail of any of their on-campus college facilities.

Furthermore, with students only receiving a small fraction of what their college has to offer, over 90% of students now believe their college fees should be reduced.

In fact, over two thirds of students feel that the allocated €250 for technical equipment in Budget 2021 is not sufficient.

Much of the college life experience has been taken away from the students of 2020 and 88% of students miss the social aspect of college.

As a result, it has affected 77% of students’ mental health and over half of students feel there should be an increased awareness of mental health support services from their colleges.

According to the survey, 67%  said that they are receiving unfair treatment by the Government whilst 80% believe the Irish public have unfairly blamed young people for the rise in Covid-19 cases.

85% of students have not attended house parties due to covid-19 whilst 69% said they have not ignored guidelines. 70% said they supported the move to level 5.

Spokesperson for Generation Y Colman Byrne said “Out of the 15% who did go to house parties, 7% said they attended no more than three house parties during the summer months when Government restrictions allowed 5-6 people in our back gardens. We were all going to friend’s gardens in the summertime in order to socialise, not just young people.”     

To conclude, 61% of students said they would consider emigrating as a result of the negative impact that COVID-19 has had on Ireland’s economy.



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