1) Head To Coppers:
You can guarantee that majority of these fine ladies looking to bag themselves a county star after a big GAA Match will head straight to the mothership; Coppers. These gals will 9 times out of 10 have a Coppers gold card or access to one. Coppers appeals to all GAA fans, with their eclectic range of music, and the possibility that Johnny Copper may pop in at some stage during the night.

2) Girls Wearing Jerseys in a “Sexy” Way:
We can all agree that GAA jerseys aren’t the most flattering top for a night on the tiles, but some dedicated huns make the most out a bad situation. A big one is gathering the excess material at the bottom of the jersey with a hair bobbin and tying it at the back, showing off the size of your waist (admit it we all did it in 3rd year). Another classic is robbing your younger brother’s age 10-11 jersey to make sure that it’s nice and tight, giving you that nice V to get ‘the girls’ out.

3) The Chanters:
Look out for the ones always trying to get a chant going, such as a classic “Dublin for Sam, Mayo for Sandwiches”. These chants get them noticed, and gives the slight impression that they have a small knowledge about GAA, even if it’s only the names of the two teams playing.

4) The Ones who aren’t from Either County:
A lot of these determined jersey pullers won’t be from either county, but somehow managed to get their hands on a jersey of one of the teams playing. You have to admire the dedication, they have gone to the trouble of sourcing a jersey to make themselves more appealing to the likes of Bernard Brogan.

5) Will have instagrammed a picture with the Sam Maguire or Liam McCarthy Cup:
Somehow people always manage to get their hands on either one of the Cups, and love getting a photo with them acting as if they themselves worked hard on the pitch at Croker for it. The Instagram post will guarantee them likes, and also makes the statement that ‘I’m into the GAA’.

6) Won’t know the words to Amhrán na bhFiann:
We all learned the words to Amhrán na bhFiann in primary school, but there’s a lot of people who never grasped the lyrics. Jersey pullers will always mumble the whole anthem, and belt out the last line in the most patriotic way possible.

Alison Rothwell