This spring turn heads by applying your makeup in a completely different way! Yes, we’re going to talk all about makeup today. So get your notepad and start jotting down all the products we’re tossing away and all the new stuff we’re going to buy because this summer we’re going to rock some bright-ass colours ladies. I’m going to tell you all about some of the most famous trends that you will be seeing in fashion weeks this year. This year is all about glitters and colours, and I promise you’re going to enjoy it.


1. Shiny Skin
Moisturize, oil, and pamper that skin because gone are the days when you could douse it in heaps of foundation. Matte skin is so not in fashion. Add a few drops of essential oils to your CC cream for added benefits. The aim is to go all natural, so you would mostly be wearing nude makeup. But don’t forget to apply mascara. And did I mention how easy it is to pull this look off in college every day?

2. Back To Sixties
Here comes the fun twist, this summer go back to the sixties and look unique and stunning. You can see the hint of it in current fashion trends already with amazing, thick brows. Lean towards more pastel eyeshades and wing that eyeliner. You don’t have to avoid emphasizing both, eyes and the lips so go on and experiment with various lip colors. Be experimental and go with the look that suits you the most.

3. Tangerine Beauty
What eyeshades are in the fashion these days? it’s all the shades of orange. You can make your eyes look super-amazing by just sweeping some coral, tangerine or orange-ish shades on your eyes. Trust me; they look lethal. At the side of your eyes, you can apply a couple of rhinestones for added effects. They will make your evenings extra glamorous.

4. Glitter!
Glitter is SO IN these days that it’s unbelievable. I have not seen a more glam fashion so completely spread across the industry. You’ll find clothes with glitter, glitter on the face, glitter on lips; glitter on eyes, everywhere! My Snapchat feed has a horde of girls wearing glitter at their night outs. It looks very fashionable. But make sure you buy high-grade glitter if you’re going to put it on as makeup so that it doesn’t damage your skin.

5. Bottom Eyeliner
This technique is a bit tricky, but it looks lovely. The bottom line has become the recent trend of the runway. You can easily find eyeliner in various colors, and you’re going to simply love the effect. However, you will need to apply it with great technique and make sure it does not get smudged. If you do apply bottom eyeliner, make sure you wear some fake lashes to balance it out. Bottom eyeliner is some professional level makeup, and it is never complete without false eyelashes.

6. Shades of Brown
You should opt to wear brown eyeshades more often. Your bronzer could also play a key role in giving you like the sun-kissed look that is signature to the spring season. Brown tones never really go out of fashion, particularly because these shades look stunning both in the daytime and at night. Make sure you use some bronzer while contouring. The shades of are most apt for summer and spring also fall into the category of browns. All these caramel shades will make you glow and will make sure you stand out from the rest of crowd.

7. Matt Lips & Lush Cheekbones
Want to rock that party at night? Pick a dark shade of matte lipstick. Matte lipsticks have been in for a while now, thanks to collections of Huda Beauty and Kylie Jenner. There’s a wide variety of shades available, but my personal favorites are plum and maroon. You can go for nude shades as well. Also, do not forget to apply highlighter on your cheekbones. They sculpt and brighten up the cheeks and make sure you look great in your photographs! In case you’re wearing nude lips, however, opt for a golden shade of highlighter.