Going out is a major part of student life but when the thought of a crowded nightclub sounds like a nightmare, the funds are very low and when you don’t want to spend the next day with ‘the fear’, we have some tips for you to have fun without splurging on a full blown night out.


Late Night Café
This one is for all those coffee lovers out there. There are some hidden cafes opened late at night all around Ireland, (particularly in Dublin) you just have to keep an eye out for them. One of these magical café’s that is opened later than most is called Accents. This café is opened until eleven and has a nice and comfortable atmosphere surrounding it. It serves great coffee and amazing hot chocolate with a side of board games you and your friends can play late into the night. It is located just off Stephens Green Shopping Centre and is definitely worth the visit.



Go out for drinks and food
This is a definite go to whenever thinking of something to do instead of going out. Honestly get a small group of friends and hit up Captain Americas at the start of the week for three euro cocktails and amazing food. This is the best mixture of alcohol, food and the perfect environment to have a chat and a catch up with your friends.

This is one of the best night out there is which is also kind of not a night a night out because it usually happened in a local pub where there isn’t too many people. Singing at karakoe can often lead to the best Snapchats and some blackmail to have on your friends.

Wine Night
This is the cheapest, and in my opinion, the best nights that you can have. Just get a group of your friends, a bottle of wine, stay at someone’s house and drink late into the night. All you need is a bit of background music and maybe even an episode of gossip girls or some other show everyone enjoys. This is the best way for you to catch up with your friends and catch up on the weekly gossip. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the best nights.


red wine



Wine Bars

A step up from the wine night at home, but a step down from a big mad sesh – wine bars are the way to go. With a chill atmosphere, wine bars are the perfect place for a good chat. One of our favourite spots is The French Paradox, where the wine, vibes and staff are all delightful.

Cinema Dates
Maybe I am the only one, but I love going to the cinema. It’s something that just makes me so happy and content with life. Obviously, the Omni cinema is the number one choice with its great student deals on ticket, popcorn and drink all for only ten euro during the week. On Tuesday’s it’s even cheaper with only four euro a ticket or seven euros for your tickets, drinks and popcorn. With friendly staff, comfortable and clean screens it’s hard to beat. Plus it has a McDonald’s beside it for a quick bite to eat or even to smuggle some food into the cinema with you. It’s something everyone enjoys doing and the only real conflict that can happen is trying to pick which movie to see.

BYOB Bowling
Now, this is for the people who are willing to travel a bit for the session for this but honestly is super fun. This is basically what it says on the tin, bring your own beer and do some bowling, simple as! The closest one is either in Tallaght or Blanchardstown which is quite a trek but for the students that really want to experience this, it’s honestly worth it. It’s a great bonding night for you and all your friends.


Aine Conaty