It’s the band reunion that only a handful of people have been waiting for. News has broken that the teen pop sensation of the late 1990s, S Club 7 may be reforming. While no official announcement has been made, bandmate Paul Cattermole has hinted that the reunion is on the cards.

In 2008 Cattermole re-joined Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh and they began performing gigs as S Club 3, and as of 2014 once joined by Tina Barrett they became known as S Club 4 – however hardcore S Club fans insist 7 is the magic number and will not be happy until the full line-up are back up on stage.

Last month, the most successful of the S Clubbers, Rachel Stevens revealed that all members have remained in touch and that talk of a re-union is “always bubbling in the background” – which as anyone who can read between the lines knows, she’s well up for it if the price is right (the reunion that is, keep your minds out of the gutter).

Ultimately the hold-up seems to boil down to the hesitation of the final two members, Hannah Spearritt and Jon Lee, both of whom seem more interested in continuing to pursue their acting careers than going back to their former pop lives. Considering neither seems to be making waves in the acting community, they should probably quit dicking about and just cash the reunion cheque.

Whatever the outcome, if the re-union finally does come to pass, expect an increase of twenty and thirty-somethings dancing about the streets chanting, “Tina’s doing her dance, Jon’s looking for romance, Paul’s getting down on the floor, while Hannah’s screaming out for more. Wanna see Bradley swing, wanna see Rachel do her thing, then we got Jo, she’s got the flow, get ready everybody ‘cos here we go!”

Cian Taaffe