Urban Outfitters are not a business to let a new trend slide into obscurity before milking it for everything that it is worth. Earlier this summer, Chaz Singh, an English councillor for Drake Ward in Plymouth, made headlines around the world when he held a ‘T’ in front of an Urban Outfitters while wearing his turban.

The overpriced clothing organisation has announced this morning that they were inspired by the photograph, so much so, that they will be releasing their own brand of turbans to tap into a market that has been largely ignored by mainstream retailers.

In an effort to test the market place, the clothing franchise announced that they plan to test their new range in Ireland first. The store they have selected for this honour will be the pretentious Dundrum branch.

spokesperson for the franchise said, “This is an exciting time for Urban Outfitters. We wish to attract a new market by creating hipster turbans. We hope to appeal to not only those who wear the headwear due to religious and cultural expectations but also to those who want to up their game in the hipster department”.

Urban Outfitters said that their turbans will come in a variety of different styles. There will be the camouflage style, the pink one, the ‘skinny jean’ styled turban and the turban that lights up under UV lighting, perfect for attending a rave in a turban.

The new ‘Turban Outfitters’ range is expected to hit stores next Monday.