New Ryanair breathing rules are expected to come into effect on all flights this week, which will impact the amount of oxygen passengers are able to consume on board.

Coming just after new priority boarding rules were implemented this morning, which is expected to cost the airline €50 million, Ryanair are now planning to recoup the costs by rationing the amount of air that will be distributed to its passengers.

Up until now, those travelling with Ryanair were able to consume an unlimited amount of oxygen. Now, this perk will now only be reserved for ‘priority breathing’ customers.

‘Priority breathing’ will be available upon check-in to all customers at a price of €15, whereas regular customers will be provided with a ‘limited amount’ of air to see them through their journey.

When asked about the new policy, a member of Ryanair’s marketing team explained that the amount of breathing air supplied to customers who don’t opt in to priority breathing will be ‘sufficient’.

“We believe that offering customers priority breathing at a small fee will help us maintain the high standard of on-time flights we are known for,” a member of Ryanair’s marketing department told

“Those who do not choose to pay the low fee of €15 for our unlimited breathing experience will still be able to travel comfortably, but we wouldn’t recommend any actions such as laughing, yawning or sighing.”

“Any customers that do experience difficulty remaining conscious will be administered emergency oxygen onboard at the cost of €100. This does not affect your statutory rights… we think.”

Other initiatives that are rumoured to be introduced in an attempt to recoup costs include new, low-fare ‘wing seating’ and price increases to Ryanair’s food and drinks menu.

Industry experts predict that a can of Coca-cola will cost customers €7, and a small bottle of Sauvignon Blanc €16.50 by the beginning of 2019.