Never one to sit on the fence, the Late Late Toy Show host Ryan Tubridy, plans to debate the implementation of the water charges during the first hour of the seasonal show this Friday. The announcement was made this morning on his 2FM radio show, where he said that he will not be afraid to “get to the truth” of their parents intentions.

The topic has been at the forefront of Irish news for the last few months with the intensity of the protests increasing in recent weeks. Tubridy says that it is up to him to get the answers from the people living in Ireland on where they stand on the issue.

Tubridy spoke to his listeners this morning saying, “I will use every tool at my disposal to get the answers that I want. I will make it very clear that if they do not tell the whole truth, that Santa will find out and put them on the naughty list. It will be up to the parents to promise to pay the charges, otherwise I cannot assure them of that Frozen doll they want or that PS4 they have been waiting weeks for.”

The Toy Show host appeared irritated on air this morning as he addressed the issue. While reading out listeners texts, he said he would not give in to ‘mob mentality’ and revert on his stance to scare the children into answering him.

“I know some of you think that this show is exclusively reserved for more light-hearted entertainment but I cannot do this while there are people out there suffering.”

“We need to think about the Irish Water employees, who depend on people paying their wages so that they can receive bonuses in the New Year. They are the unsung heroes of the country, the ones doing the difficult but necessary job.”

“I don’t care if you don’t like what I plan to do. I get paid from the TV License bills regardless if you think I am a twat. This is an issue I will not budge on.”

The Late Late Toy Show kicks off Friday at 9:30 on RTÉ 1.