Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Roy Keane has joined forces with Ireland’s beloved novelist Roddy Doyle to explain to us why he is still so great 12 years after his last biography.

In a tone that is no stranger to Keane’s demeanour, the ex-Manchester United star has spewed another 350-page book about why he is the greatest and that anyone else who has come along to question his greatness is fucked in the head.

Keane was largely optimistic as talked to at the launch of this new book, ‘The Second Half’. The book deals with the issues that have plagued Keane’s life since the World Cup 2002 debacle. Keane co-wrote the book with the novelist Roddy Doyle in an effort to portray Keane as a man with some human element to his personality. This however was an impossible task for Doyle to complete.

Keane said, “It’s hard to get such monumental characteristics on the page and really give the reader an inclination as to what it’s like to be in the presence of the omnipotent Roy Keane. I know I’m great but will this crossover to the world of literature. There’s an old Cork saying, ‘When your neighbours spud hits the floor, it’s fair game.’ I think this really sum up my predicament at the moment. Will people be coming after my spuds?”

The general consensus about Keane is that he is a twat that was a pretty good footballer back in the day. Hopefully the new book will back this assessment up.