The second installment of the Jurassic world franchise has just hit Irish cinemas, and it is a very enjoyable movie.

Jurrasic world starts off like many of the other Jurassic movies, with a group of nameless people working on something and being picked off one by one by dinosaurs.

A volcano on the island of Isla Nubar, (where the dinosaurs live), is about to erupt. When the American government decide to leave the dinosaurs on the Island to die, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) head to the island to help a mysterious millionaire save 11 species and bring them to another island for safety. Things begin to go wrong on the island very quickly.

This is a very enjoyable movie. I was pleasantly surprised by just how good it is. One thing I realised early on (and this is what I think all studios should do when making promotional material) that almost all of the things that happen in the trailer below occur within the first hour of the movie.

It is an action packed movie, with lots of quips and jokes in between. Chris Pratt is solid as the main character, a role he has become accustomed to since he starred in the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

I did not like the first Jurassic world. I thought it was boring and lacked a decent storyline. This movie has fixed these problems, as I was left hooked for the whole thing.

There are a few problems with the movie however. The last battle against the main dinosaur went on for about 10 minutes too long. There was also a side story about a young girl which left me confused as to why it was even put in the movie. There were no ramifications afterwards and meant little to the story.

Overall, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is a decent watch and miles better than the first one. It was entertaining, funny in places and action packed. I would definitely recommend this movie.


John McAuliffe