A year on from getting my degree and I can say my college experience was definitely a good one. Yes it had it’s ups and downs which everyone will experience but overall I would agree that your college years will be some of your great years.

However, if college did not go as well as you had wished it is not your be all and end all. It in no way defines you as a person, so don’t worry.

During college I definitely grew as a person and became a lot more confident in myself. These years give you the opportunity to meet like minded people who’s interests and passions are similar to your own.

I definitely made friends for life during my college years and although when we graduated we all returned to our home counties, I know these people would have my back no matter what.

Try not to sweat the small stuff would be my advice for college, take that from someone who stresses over every little thing. Yes the exams and assignments are important but there’s no point in putting yourself under an immense amount of pressure.

Relax a bit. Don’t leave the work until last minute but do take your time at it, no college is going to let you completely fail your degree. Also be sure to check which years of your college course actually count towards your final degree, this may allow you to slack of a bit on those hungover weekends.

Finally, just enjoy your college years, it’s probably the last time you’re going to be able to go out 4 nights in a week and live to tell the tale. Once I left college I entered the working world straight away and got a great paying job related to my degree, which I was so excited for because that’s pattern life says you should follow.

Unfortunately though for me looking back now, jumping straight into the working world was not for me. I felt too young and not ready to be tied down to a job. So just because society says so, it does not mean that you have to have your whole life sorted by 23. Instead, I’ve decided to travel the world and start fresh.

My closing advice would be to enjoy your college experience, relax and most importantly do what you know makes you happy first not what others or society tells you to do.

Rachel Healy



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