Whos cutting those damn onions?? Personally I don’t think you’re ever too old for a movie about a dog. A Dog’s Journey , the title being relatively self explanatory is about the many lives of a dog and the effects he has on people. It is a sequel to the 2017 film A Dog’s Purpose. Josh Gad voices Bailey, Molley, Max and Tobey. Dennis Quaid appears again as Ethan, Bailey’s owner, Kathryn Prescott plays CJ and we also see Marg Helgenberger reprising her role as Ethan’s wife, Hannah Montgomery.

If you go in expecting a gripping drama with oscar worthy performances then you’ll be disappointed but it’s a well made, watchable and at times moving film.The relationship between the owners and their dogs is the main theme of this film and its something that is done very well. However the human relationships seem more artificial and less believable. In fairness though, that’s not what people come to see.

Henry Lau plays Trent, CJs love interest and while generally the acting is okay their relationship is let down by an unrealistic script. As I said though, this film is about dogs and how great they are. Cat people will probably come out of this film a dog person. If you’re a dog lover like me you’ll love this film and it will make you go home and hug your own canine friend. Josh Gad does a really excellent job giving them a voice and this really helps with the audience’s connection to the four very different breeds. Dennis Quaid and Kathryn give solid performances but its is really all about the dogs here.

Overall, this is a film worth going to see as long as you have your tissues with you. It might not be a film with a huge amount of depth but it’s portrayal of a dogs journey make it a very likeable and heartwarming tale.