Who would have thought that you could actually be getting high when you’re tucking in to your prawn masala? In one of the weirder stories of the week traces of cocaine have been found in aquatic wildlife off the coast of suffolk.

It’s not known yet whether the shrimp and co were having a really wild sesh or if the drugs were dumped by someone else.

According to the Guardian Newspaper the study stated that ‘ other illicit drugs such as ketamine, pesticides and pharmaceuticals were also widespread in the shrimp that were collected,”

Barry the shrimp has said ‘he’s got no idea where the cocaine came from and he definitely didn’t buy it’. In all seriousness though, it’s a pretty sad story and it’s concerning what it could do to our wildlife. Poor aul David Attenborough would be fuming if he found out.

Let’s hope they find the root of the problem and that the shrimp can be put on a rehabilitation program.