Can women drink as much as men?

No they can’t. ‘Practice’ or excessive drinking doesn’t change that. Women have proportionally less body water than men.  This means the concentration of alcohol in their blood stream is proportionally higher. It’s all about body fluid. The breakdown of alcohol can be explained further by enzyme levels and ADH levels. However, our point is women and men don’t breakdown alcohol in the same way. 3 pints of Hop House 13 for him are not the same as 3 for her! It’s a fact.

Another drink, for the cure?

It will postpone the pain but the hangover is coming. Another drink is making it worse not better. There is also no evidence that hot chicken roll or fry is going to help. That pizza or 3-in-1 from last night is definitely not going to help. Instead, you should be eating light and keeping hydrated and again, we don’t mean more alcohol. We mean, Water, Juice, and maybe even lucozade. Then gentle exercise. Apart from that, you just need to sit back and let your body break down the alcohol you’ve consumed.

Lining your stomach so you don’t get too drunk?

Eating fatty food before you going out doesn’t soak up all the alcohol. It also doesn’t stop you wanting the get a kebab at half 2. It will slow down how fast the alcohol gets into your system but the burger you had before you went out doesn’t take the hit for you. Milk, Mooju or a gallon of tea with this meal won’t stop you from getting sick. You’re still drinking the same amount of alcohol. Your body will still have to break it down.

We’re not suggesting you don’t eat before going out, just don’t think you can drink 20 pints because you did.

Is alcohol the centre of the night?

When spending time with friends at the weekend, you don’t have to just drink. Alcohol can be used as an accessory to a fun night, but it shouldn’t be the focal point. We would encourage you to put down your phones and talk to others, dance, flirt, chat, laugh, and generally partake in what is known as socialising with others, maybe even make new friends. There is no point buying a new outfit and looking slick on a night out if you don’t remember it and you look like a mess after an hour and a half.